Each competition has a single paper of 5 questions to answer in 4 hours. So there are a total of 90 problems to date. I have put up solutions for all the problems except 04/3, 04/4 and 04/5.

Like the IMO, the difficulty of the questions is variable. Some are easy, some are hard. The general pattern is for the questions to be arranged in order of increasing difficulty. The questions got harder around 1997, but now seem to be getting easier again.


1st APMO 1989
2nd APMO 1990
3rd APMO 1991
4th APMO 1992
5th APMO 1993
6th APMO 1994
7th APMO 1995
8th APMO 1996
9th APMO 1997
10th APMO 1998
11th APMO 1999
12th APMO 2000
13th APMO 2001
14th APMO 2002
15th APMO 2003
16th APMO 2004
John Scholes
27 Aug 2002
Last corrected/updated 23 Mar 04