Thru 2003 there were 44 IMOs, each with 6 problems, except for 1960 and 1962 which each had 7, giving a total 266 problems in all.

The IMO got noticeably harder in the late 1980s. There are two separate papers of 3 problems each. The idea is that in each paper the problems are in order of increasing difficulty. That is not always true. But in the last 10 years the last problem in the second paper has usually been hard.

Many thanks to all those who supplied solutions where I failed, or pointed out errors, or supplied better solutions. There are still some solutions which are clumsy or inelegant, and maybe even some which are wrong (although I am not aware of any). All suggestions for improvement would be most welcome. [email:]

There are some technical notes on formats etc below.



1st IMO 1959   tex
2nd IMO 1960   tex
3rd IMO 1961   tex
4th IMO 1962   tex
5th IMO 1963   tex
6th IMO 1964   tex
7th IMO 1965   tex
8th IMO 1966   tex
9th IMO 1967   tex
10th IMO 1968   tex
11th IMO 1969   tex
12th IMO 1970   tex
13th IMO 1971   tex
14th IMO 1972   tex
15th IMO 1973   tex
16th IMO 1974   tex
17th IMO 1975   tex
18th IMO 1976   tex
19th IMO 1977   tex
20th IMO 1978   tex
21st IMO 1979   tex
No IMO 1980!
22nd IMO 1981   tex
23rd IMO 1982   tex
24th IMO 1983   tex
25th IMO 1984   tex
26th IMO 1985   tex
27th IMO 1986   tex
28th IMO 1987   tex
29th IMO 1988   tex
30th IMO 1989   tex
31st IMO 1990   tex
32nd IMO 1991   tex
33rd IMO 1992   tex
34th IMO 1993   tex
35th IMO 1994   tex
36th IMO 1995   tex
37th IMO 1996   tex
38th IMO 1997   tex
39th IMO 1998   tex
40th IMO 1999   tex
41st IMO 2000   tex
42nd IMO 2001   tex
43rd IMO 2002   tex
44th IMO 2003   tex
All IMOs in tex
Technical notes. HTML4 is now implemented in most browsers. It provides for a much wider collection of math symbols. Previously I implemented many of these using the Truetype Font symbol, but this did not work well for those with non-Windows machines. I am now switching to the HTML4 symbols.

Changing the archive material will take time. Whenever I update a page, I also remove the "paper" speckled background, which has now begun to aggravate me!

I am also switching from providing .pdf files to providing .tex files, which are smaller.

John Scholes
14 Jul 2003
Last corrected/updated 4 Nov 03