Russian Mathematical Olympiad

As far as I understand it, the competition has several rounds. Each round has problems at more than one level (typically for forms 9, 10 and 11) set on two days. Until 1993, there was no final round, because the leading competitors in the earlier rounds went through to the All-Soviet Union competition. Confusingly, the 1993 competition is called the 19th (so that the 1st was in 1975, rather than 1967 or 1961 as you might expect). That is because the system was reorganised in 1975.

Here I intend to put up the problems from the final round (at all three levels). Sometimes the same problem is set at more than one level, so the exact number of problems varies from year to year. It is usually 20-24 a year. So far there are 172 problems in the archive.


19th Russian 1993 missing!
20th Russian 1994 missing!
21st Russian 1995
22nd Russian 1996
23rd Russian 1997
24th Russian 1998
25th Russian 1999
26th Russian 2000
27th Russian 2001
28th Russian 2002
John Scholes
4 July 2002
Last updated 21 Dec 03